Frank Gordon

Frank Gordon was born in Lancashire and spent five years at Bolton College of Art prior to a lengthy career in art teaching, during which time he continued to paint and exhibit widely. In 1995 he left teaching and subsequently moved to Giggleswick in the Yorkshire Dales National Park to concentrate on his related passions of painting and hill walking. Now he has a highly satisfactory lifestyle spent in roaming the countryside and finding ways to express his response to its varying moods.

Most subject matter relates to scenes and encounters within a few miles of his home, especially the Three Peaks area of Ribblesdale. He tries to concentrate on the tension between the recall of intense first-hand experience and more painterly concerns of colour and form. Frank Gordon works in a full range of painting media, enjoying the varied qualities that each brings to the picture-making process. Directly observed drawings in all seasons and weathers are supplemented with photographs; these, together with memory and imagination, are combined in the studio in the making of the finished work. His belief is that one of the artist's main concerns is a revelatory one.

‘I try to recapture the feeling of being amongst the hills: experiencing their flickering light, flying cloud shadows, buffeting wind, rainwater on the face . . . while never forgetting that behind these fleeting sensory assaults lies the enduring rock, solid and unyielding under my feet. This collision between the ephemeral and the eternal is a good subject for a painter.’

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