Hester Cox

Printmaking has captivated me in a way that no other art form has done. Collagraph & solarplate are my preferred methods and I often combine these to create one richly coloured and textured print.

I enjoy working in a very detailed way and the process of plate making appeals to my methodical side. I may use up to five or six plates to create one image which requires careful planning. However, using collage materials, painting and cutting to create the plates means that there is unpredictability inherent in the image making. The plates are sealed and then inked, wiped and run through the press. It is the moment when I lift the paper to reveal the image that is so compelling, my design and intention mixed with the excitement of the unknown.

My inspiration is most often derived from the natural landscape, the plants and wildlife that inhabit it and the stories, myths and symbolism associated with them. Whilst not purely illustrational, my prints have a strong sense of narrative and are created with the hope that they are not only attractive as images but will stand up to further contemplation revealing more layers of meaning for the viewer as time goes on.