Janet Williams

Janet's work originated from an interest in notation systems and codes and explores the space between the positive and negative. Use of light natural or other is used to create shadows which are an integral part of the work. Some work uses shiny metals which mirror the images that have been printed on to glass.

The notation was a starting point for her pieces just as a musical score is a starting point for a performance. No two pieces are the same. The 'image' is embossed or screen printed, the glass etched by hand or screen printed and the composition of these materials act as harbinbgers for her paintings.

Janet began her studies at Leeds College of Art where she received a Fine Art Diploma in 1993. In 1997 she gained B. A. Hons in Sculpture from Bretton Hall, Leeds University and in 2000 received an MA in Fine Art ( Studio Practice) from Leeds University.

email: janetwilliams