Liz Salter

Through my painting I am exploring aspects of landscape. I am fascinated by wild, undiscovered, rough places undisturbed by man, where weather, time and the rhythms of the seasons mould and change the landscape. This relationship may be explored by looking at the panorama of the land, or going in close to examine some small anonymous place.

My work is made in the studio but based on surveillance of certain specific locations. I find it important to establish a relationship with the land, to explore it by revisiting it and walking through it to understand its many different aspects. This research is recorded through drawings and paintings made on site. In the studio, development becomes very important and the painting often comes from remembered aspects of the place rather than copying the view.

I work on paper of varying sizes in a variety of media. Collage and texture are important elements of my painting and I like to include the drawn line. Layering of paint is important too, and reflects the layers of history that have shaped the landscape. The processes involved in making work play a key part in my paintings.

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website: www.lizsalter.com