Pauline Meade

My work is inspired by the natural environment of woodlands and wild plants, gardens and land and seascape. Starting from drawings and water colours made on location, I use these in my studio to develop hand made prints, mostly relief prints from lino or wood blocks. These prints are made by progressively printing layers of colour to build up the image. This is done by removing the surface of the block in between additions of colour, either by cutting with sharp gouges or by etching with a caustic paste which produces softer marks. In the early stages this can look quite alarming as large areas of one colour will be later combined into different sections of the image. The print taken from the block is reversed as a mirror image so this also has to be taken into account when preparing the block. The end result is always an exciting and sometimes surprising moment even to the printmaker.

As a printmaker the question I am most frequently asked is ‘where is the original’, the explanation being that an original print is not a copy or a reproduction of an existing artwork but is created in its own right by processing a handmade block, metal plate or other surface. I work in small limited editions usually of 6 -8prints which are similar but not identical as each is inked and printed individually.

I have been making prints for over 20 years having studied Graphic Arts specialising in printmaking at Leeds Metropolitan University, and have taught art in adult and further education, as well as occasional workshops in specialist print techniques. I work from my home studio in West Yorkshire and exhibit my work locally and nationally.

email: paulinemeade