Ancient Egypt No.1 (Detail) Acrylic 61x61cm

Ancient Egypt No.2 (Detail) Acrylic 61x61cm.

Inspired by Ancient Egyptian border patterns, I made a collection of 8 designs titled EGYPTIAN SKETCHBOOK in pens on canvas to emulate the effect of the many preparatory and exploratory studies I had made in my work journal. The pen on canvas presented many unforeseen and frustrating technical problems but I stuck with it throughout February and finished it at the beginning of Lockdown. In Lockdown proper, I produced these two paintings, both spin offs from the EGYPTIAN SKETCHBOOK project, but which also fit in with my on-going RED AND GREEN SERIES, albeit with the sudden dramatic introduction of black and gold. These photos are details of both paintings to show the effect that will be achieved when the canvases are hung on the diagonal.