Emma Whitelock

My work explores the emotional connection to land and sea in a semi-abstract style. Using acrylic with mixed media, I create expressive, atmospheric paintings, often inspired by my native Yorkshire with its windswept moors and coast.

Often dramatic skies, changes in light, or an interesting linear feature in the foreground will be a starting point. I am fascinated by visual pathways leading the viewer on a journey into obscured horizons. Initially, I will mark out a basic composition, drawing quickly and loosely with charcoal. Texture is integral to my work and I enjoy freely evolving this through the layering of materials. I paint primarily in acrylic, but combine this with a variety of other media such as heavy gesso, acrylic mediums and inks. I enjoy developing areas as they emerge, rubbing back and building up, scratching into the surface and working with a variety of brushes, palette knives and drawing implements to create diversity in my mark-making. I use glazes as I go, adding depth and richness, protecting areas as I progress and also unifying the surface on completion. Although I may have begun with a sense of place, I like the work to develop intuitively through the process of painting.

Having originally studied Art alongside English, my literary interests can still be traced as an influence on my practice. I aim to create highly evocative work, and frequently a tiny abstracted figure merges into the landscape; a human mark in the vastness. Trying to capture a redolent moment, the paintings are often poised on the edge of day or night, charged with memories or possibilities. In these moments of solitude away from the concerns of everyday life, the landscape and the elements can act like mirrors to our emotions.

Emma is represented by Silson Contemporary in Yorkshire, Eastwood Fine Art in Hampshire, Portside Gallery in Bristol and The Linda Blackstone Gallery in London and Overseas. She participates in a variety of exhibitions with both galleries and the annual York Open Studios and ‘Art&’ Fair. You can also contact her to arrange a visit to her studio in York. In 2019 she was awarded the Inspired By Gallery Supporters Prize at the inaugural North York Moors Art Awards. You can find her latest news and work on social media.

email: Emma Whitelock
website: emmawhitelock.co.uk
Instagram: emma.whitelock Facebook: emmawhitelockartist Twitter: emma_whitelock