Jack Stancombe

My work is figurative; the familiarity with the real helps the viewer to link with my painting. I had a traditional training in fine art where being able to draw was considered essential along with an understanding of surface anatomy and perspective. The life class was the high alter of learning where all problems of line, proportion and tone were encountered and it was only by constant practice that one was able to gradually develop skills to achieve a believable result. Teaching is somewhat different today where in some quarters draughtsmanship or drawing skills is no longer considered important.

For me inspiration comes from many subjects and can be born out of light, colour or composition experienced in my surroundings whether it be land, urban or seascape.

My method of working is standard; when I can I paint on the spot, sketch and make colour notes and, if time is short or the light threatens to change, photograph the subject to assist with the completion of the painting in the studio. The digital camera is an excellent tool in capturing those fleeting moments and magical light effects that can be so easily lost or accurately recalled.

I work with various mediums but mainly oil. I paint to share with the viewer a visual experience or point of interest observed enjoyed and translated by me. Once the subject is chosen the battle begins. Often the image one struggles to define becomes a dialogue between representation of ones concept and reality. The painting ultimately is a meeting place where the interests of the painter comes face to face with the expectations of the viewer.

As Ruskin once said ‘Paint what you love and love what you paint’

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