Jo York

I was born in London, the daughter of a professional artist and with powerful early memories of watching him work. I did a degree in Graphic Design specialising in Illustration at Bristol University, and since then have worked across a broad range of Art disciplines, but increasingly with a Fine Art focus.

Art Education is something I care deeply about; I was the Art Consultant for North Yorkshire County Council for over 10 years, and I have also worked as a freelance consultant working with heritage bodies and sites, schools, colleges and universities.

My work combines observation and memory, and is a personal response to experiences, landscapes, artefacts and history; it explores contrasts in texture and light, and evokes rather than depicts places and things that intrigue me..

I’m strongly influenced by the landscapes of North Yorkshire; especially by favourite walks, and by places I visit particularly in mountainous and coastal areas of Scotland, Cornwall, France, Switzerland and Italy.

I’m fascinated by mark-making and enjoy the process of developing complex layers and picture surfaces, using a range of art media and techniques. Acrylics are central to my practice as I love their flexibility and immediacy, but I also work in oils, mixed media, textiles and print.

Art History is a real passion, and I’m particularly influenced by Paul Feiler, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham and Ben Nicholson.

email: joyork
website: joyorkart.co.uk