Miriam Laville

Miriam’s artwork is inspired by the investigation and response to organic forms: their complexities of line, texture, shape and colour represent a uniqueness which she aspires to evoke and visually debate in her paintings

She experiments with various media, building up surfaces in certain areas of the image using sand, collage, oil pastels and oils: leaving other areas of the painting simpler with just drawn black lines.

There is an ambiguity that exists in Miriam’s paintings; the viewers make up their minds by attaching curious and different meanings of their own.

Miriam exhibits widely within Leeds and the Yorkshire area, she is involved with a wide range of arts based projects from facilitating art workshops within education and in her private art studio. She runs art activities outside the education age range and has been involved in art projects engaging with young adults on the periphery of their education and young people with disabilities, together with working with the over fifty fives.

email: miriam-laville