Peter Ellis

Paul Gauguin is reputed to have given the following advice.

'Do not paint too much after nature. Art is an abstraction; derive this abstraction from nature whilst dreaming before it; think more of your own creation than of nature itself.'

For many painters, these few words are still applicable today. They raise the central issue facing all artists - how to search for and evolve new ways of looking at the familiar. With this in mind, I seek to produce images that capture the general feeling of landscape without necessarily referring to any specific location. I aim to do this in as imaginative  and spontaneous way as possible.

To achieve this level of self-expression I currently favour a technique that involves the application of pigment with random mixtures of acrylic media, sand, hair, scrim, and small remnants of fabric. This method of working allows me the opportunity to create a wide range of surface textures. These can be subsumed in a controlled way in the development of the final painting. Most outcomes are vaguely landscape, but sometimes my work takes on non-representational forms.

Seemingly random lines occur in a number of my paintings and, as with the use of complex textural surfaces, these are used without any particular regard to perceived reality to give strength and direction to the final picture.

The picture titles I employ may occasionally refer to known views but they are mostly used for reference and cataloguing than as an indicator of any particular place.

'Derived from nature but more of my own creation than of nature itself.'

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