Miriam Laville Pik 1

Miriam Laville

Finding Peace and Calm

Blue Reeds (above) We are privileged to have a talent in which we can occupy ourselves at these worrying and stressful times. For others may find it harder to find peace and calm.

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Tracey Abraham Pik 1

Tracey Abraham

Currently Working on…

Here are a couple of images of pieces that I’m currently working on.

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Trevor Pittaway Pik 1

Trevor Pittaway

Cheering Myself Up

Trevor painting in egg tempera (above) To cheer myself up, whilst self-isolating, I looked back through my old sketchbooks. I was inspired by the watercolours that I had made of the view of the Fraglioni rocks from the highest point on Capri, they brought back the incredible experience of blue sea meeting blue sky.

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Keith Harris Pik 1

Keith Harris

Recording the Demolition of Dobroyd Mill

Demolition begins (above) Dobroyd (woollen) Mill in Jackson Bridge, near Holmfirth, was founded in the 1820s and provided employment for the local villagers from then to early in the 21st century. The mill has been closed and derelict for several years and is now being demolished to make way for a proposed housing development. In…

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Neil Pittaway Pik 1

Neil Pittaway

Work in Progress for LFA at the Stanley and Aubrey Gallery

‘ My work in progress includes a drawing based on New York, possibly for the LFA exhibition in the Stanley Aubrey Gallery in November. Another work is ‘Ganesh Pol Gateway Jaipur India’ which is in the online RWS exhibition VISIONS 2020.See www.royalwatercoloursociety.co.uk and click on the link to exhibitions.

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Emma Whitelock Pik 1

Emma Whitelock

York Open Studios

A New Beginning (above) ‘A New Beginning’ is a new landscape which would have been on show at York Open Studios in April and ‘Coalesce’ is my most recent painting, a soft and breezy seascape.

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Bruce Noble Pik 1

Bruce Noble

An interpretation of “Gassed”

Here are a few photos of my 28-foot drawing on a series of sheets, an interpretation of “Gassed” (Augustus John, 1919) I did for our church’s 2018 Armistice service. It was centered on the war memorial and the two halves are mirrored but not mirrored images.

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Jane Burgess Pik 1

Jane Burgess

Paintings of Southern Spain

Casa Molino, Los Escullos (above) I am taking advantage of the lack of exhibition commitments to get on with a series of paintings of southern Spain.

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Roger Gardner Pik 1

Roger Gardner

The Show That Never Was

The Art Walk in Wakefield didn’t happen of course but these depict some of my exhibition.

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Lis Evans Pik

Lis Evans

A Ceramic for Dean Clough

Patchwork Pot (above) At present I am working on “patchwork pots” and have created “Dementia” – a ceramic and mixed media piece for our 2020 Dean Clough exhibition.

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