Florrie with fox mask and other menagerie

Fife Coastal path in snow, oil on board

Lock-down 1 arrived suddenly and severed a series of demonstrations that I had commenced for a local art group.  In order to bring the work to a satisfactory conclusion and as a means of trying something new I completed one of the works and made a video recording of the process. It was great fun and involved learning about time-lapse photography and the assembly of a video.  I even managed to add a bit of background music.  I put the work up on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRzs6KlFsY8

It was great fun to do but was time consuming and the number of viewings reveals that I’m not likely to make a career out of art videos any time soon!    

During the middle of the Lockdown phase 1 we found ourselves with our pregnant daughter and our three year old granddaughter staying with us for several weeks whilst we all ‘sheltered.’  Entertaining a lively three-year-old led to the exploration of papier mâché as a sculptural medium.

The Barton-Mains atelier produced some notable works that can be seen in the photograph.  Florrie and I are awaiting offers from a Gallery.  Incidentally, my assistant adopted the unusual fashion of wearing a pair of her knickers as studio headgear.  The origin of this habit remains a mystery.  She certainly didn’t acquire it from me although I remain profoundly impressed by both her early artistic endeavours and somewhat sartorial eccentricities!

The winter brought snow and cold weather – an unusual event in this part of Fife since we are adjacent to the Firth of Forth.  This produced some stunning landscapes and the opportunity for a few quick paintings.