Lockdown linocuts

Lockdown studio

The first lockdown coincided with the Spring Equinox 2020 and since then I have kept a sketchbook diary of wildlife, garden features and wild plants, birds and animals that have caught my attention on walks or in the garden. There was always something new and surprising turning up with each season. A particular favourite on a regular walk was a woolly pig that lives in a very large field so it was a matter of anticipation whether I would spot her somewhere or if she’d be asleep in her shed.

I am fortunate to live in areas where there is access to the countryside from the doorstep. From March to October this was on the edge of the Pennines in West Yorkshire. Then after a house move to Worcestershire I have the River Severn and Wyre Forest to explore.  

The inevitable upheaval and chaos of the move has meant a delay in setting up my studio space so my photos show work in progress. I am now using my sketches for a series of small linocuts 8 x8 cm recalling the journey through the year to Spring Equinox 2021. I’m not sure yet what form this will finally take, maybe a book or collage (or both!) My work is mainly inspired by the natural environment and being able to go outdoors and see what is around has never been more important than in this lockdown year. Travel to some favourite places has not been possible but I’ve probably been more aware of local sights. So far I have printed 13 images, and have sketches for another 23. There is still a month to go.