Sharron Astbury-Petit

My work is characterised by experimentation and by a combining of media to better explore different themes, interweaving disciplines to create a personal and evolutive reality.

Largely figurative and rich in symbolism, my paintings seek to question and to pay homage to the seduction of the intangible.

Recurrent subjects are nature, self-identity, time and im/mortality

I began my career as a graphic designer and illustrator in Leeds before relocating to France to concentrate on my painting. I was to work there as a professional artist for 20 years before returning to my native Yorkshire.

Medal winner in the Paris Salon of 2011, I was accepted into the Société des Artistes Français the following year. I was also made a Sociétaire of the Société du Salon d’Automne de Paris in 2019. I continue to exhibit with the Société des Artistes Français in the annual Paris Salon and am similarly a regular participant in the Salon d’Automne des Champs Elysées .

Over the years, my work has received a total of 21 awards and 4 medals and I have also been a selected artist in a variety of international exhibitions and cultural exchanges (China 2007, Belgium 2014, Portugal 2014, Denmark 2015, Japan 2019).

In the UK, I have participated in the annual exhibitions of the New English Art Club (prize winner 2018), Royal Society of British Artists, Society of Graphic Fine Art and Society of Women Artists.

I was made an Associate Member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art in 2022.

Work in many private collections at home and abroad.

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