Pamela Briggs

Pamela Anne Briggs commenced studies in Art at the Barnsley School of Art 1966-8, progressed to achieve a First-Class Distinction in BA (Hons.) Fine Art at Maidstone College of Art 1971, followed by Post-graduate in Education at Bretton Hall College Wakefield (University of Leeds).

Pamela has always felt challenged to push the boundaries in her creative practice, including 10 years of research and making in Traditional Byzantine Iconography, from which she still gives educational exhibitions and presentations on the making of Icons.
In 2017 she gained a Distinction in Master of Arts Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University (formerly Leeds College of Art), where she further developed her discipline in Painting, specializing in Hard Edge Geometric Abstraction, inspired by ancient and Byzantine pattern.

Pamela’s consistent objectives are tessellation, continuity and illusion, through reduced geometry.

She finds the common denominator, the single unit cell that can combine to reinvent historic pattern, or be juxtaposed into new, untraditional configurations, with increased awareness of interaction with the surrounding architectural space.

These essential geometric formulas can exist independently but are immensely versatile when multiplied in gridular permutations on or off canvas, within or without the frame, and always have potential to repeat indefinitely.

Her methodology is one of extensive exploration and systematic sequential thinking. 

There is a requisite for order, balance, movement and change, through the altering domination and submission of components and colour, to create dynamic works that are challenging, demanding, or even playful.

Maquettes are often made before the final works, and where appropriate can be exhibited alongside the installations.  The presence and function of the maquettes demonstrate that the installations are not conceived in one fixed format.  In these miniature versions, the participant is invited to explore a myriad of spatial arrangements which are possible within the installations.

Pamela is a curator and exhibitor for Northern Fringe Artists and solo exhibitor in independent shows.

email: pamelabriggs