Tony Carlton

I am almost like two different artists, a printmaker and a painter, (not necessarily in that order). I find this really suits me depending on my mood, inspiration and feelings. Sometimes one practice informs the other and I make paintings and prints together other times they are completely separate. I feel different creative juices flowing depending on what painting or printmaking method I use and what has inspired me.

I am predominantly a landscape artist and moving back up north and surrounded by the beautiful hills has only enhanced the need to create. I go on long walks over hills, through woods and the moors taking lots photographs, creating quick sketches and generally just looking at the views, the light, shadows, colours and big skies, taking it all in. Then it’s back to the studio to begin my next journey in paint and ink. The art is often worked out during the process of making it, informed by photos and sketches, and doesn’t always bare any resemblance to a specific place it is more a feeling of a place, a memory of a place or reaction to the ever changing weather.

My printmaking is mainly large woodcuts but sometimes I create etchings and dry point.

I paint in oil both on canvas and board.

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