Janis Goodman

Janis Goodman’s finely wrought etchings depict the interplay between the urban environment and the forces of nature. She engages in portraying the tension in the relation between the artificial and the natural; the manmade environment and the anarchic forces of nature and entropy. This is shown through a series of different relationships – the portrayal of plants overwhelming abandoned buildings, the geometric precision of greenhouses altered by the growth within and the wild energy of birds forcing space for themselves despite peoples’ best efforts to thwart them.

In terms of technical information, the etchings are made on copper plates, mainly using hard ground which is then bitten in ferric chloride, she uses enamel aerosol paint as the basis for the tone providing aquatints and prints using a combination of black and Prussian blue inks.

She has now worked as a printmaker for almost thirty years. With a background in architecture and animation she learnt etching through evening classes at the then Leeds College of Art. What began as an interesting sideline became by slow increment, her main occupation and preoccupation.

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