Sue Harrison

Sue Harrison is a contemporary painter working from her studio near York.

 A graduate in 3-Dimensional Design and Interiors, with 25 years’ experience in high-end residential and commercial interiors, Sue has returned to her love of painting. Her passion for colour, shape, line, texture, pattern and light is clearly evident in her contemporary florals and landscapes.

How these things, can transform our homes, working and social spaces, and ultimately, affect how we feel about ourselves, has been, and continues to be a lifelong study.

Sue says for me, nothing completes and lifts a space, quite like an appropriate and well-placed artwork.  I believe art, in all its many forms, enriches our everyday lives, and should be accessible to all”.

Drawing directly from nature, Sue paints colourful and vibrant British landscapes and florals and more recently, abstracts, using watercolour, acrylic, ink and pastel, both exclusively and in a mixed media style. Sue strives to find a balance of both colour and shape within her compositions, perhaps drawing from her interior design experience and knowledge of creating flow, harmony and order within a 3-dimensional space.

Working on both paper and canvas, Sue builds layers of colour over colour, often incorporating texture, pushing and pulling the mediums until she reaches a point, where it’s time to put down the brush, and consider the result. Is the painting finished? Does it need more work? Is there an addition/subtraction that might improve it?

A decision for another day, with fresh eyes.

Sue exhibits widely across northern England and Scotland and her work hangs in private collections across the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and several European countries.

For further information on Sues work please go to
Instagram: @sueharrisonartanddesign