Inger Huddleston

Design, colour and medium all combine to reflect observed existing subject matter. Extending and exploiting drawing, particularly the figure in dance is a first concern. It builds up a memory store and is an aid to understanding a dancer’s skills. . I am also keen to explore how movement in dance expresses the dancer’s interpretation of music.

I am drawn to traditional means to communicate for me, whether in drawing, watercolour, screenprinting or oils. Choice of subject matter has been dictated by response to situations in which I find an opportunity to work, whether in the landscape or domestic interiors.

Sequential imaging in book form, writing and illustrating for children who are reluctant readers, and how to realise my ideas about cultural differences and commonality in print in a meaningful way is also an area that I find challenging.

I am interested too in the extraordinary lives of working people and have been influenced by genre painters such as the Staithes Group and Skagen Artist Colony in Northern Denmark. Figures in action and the range of emotions that they express are a key focus of my work.”

email: ingerhuddleston