Miriam Laville

Miriam’s artwork is the investigation and response to the natural world around her; She absorbs the complexities of line, texture, shape, and colour which she aspires to debate visually in her paintings.

Miriam has a background in printmaking which ignited her interest in technique-led painting. She experiments with mark making by using palette knives, plastic cards, large brushes, and sponges to build up layers of paint for a more textured finish. Miriam works predominantly in acrylics paint; at the same, she includes other media into her paintings such as handmade collage, oil pastels and textured medium.

The inspiration for her artwork is driven by an emotional reaction to the environment, be it in England or other countries.

website : www.miriam-laville.co.uk

email: miriam-laville

Instagram : miriamlaville