Pauline Meade

My work is inspired by the natural environment of land and seascape, woodlands, wild plants and gardens. I take a sketch book wherever I am walking and make watercolour sketches, drawings and notes which are the starting point for my prints

From my sketches I develop small editions of hand made prints. Most of my current work is relief print from lino blocks. Each layer of ink is individually printed and selectively wiped out, which means that the edition, although similar, is not identical. I make use of the transparency of the oil based inks to produce new colours by overlaying in some areas. The print gradually builds up to the final stage, and peeling off the paper after the last inking is always an exciting moment.

I sometimes work in a series of small images which lends itself to hand made book formats. I very much enjoy working out the layout and text, designing a cover, and bringing it all together. This is time consuming and results in very small limited editions, rather a labour of love.

I have been making prints for over 20 years having studied Graphic Arts specialising in printmaking at Leeds Metropolitan University, and have taught art in adult and further education, as well as occasional workshops in specialist print techniques..

email: paulinemeade