Betty Naughton

As a pianist and composer, music is often an inspiration for my work. The descriptive terminology such as colour, movement, harmony, tone and texture are synonymous with both arts.

Discovering ‘the unusual in the usual’ in landscape is also a source of fascination. A water-logged ploughed field or water at the base of a hedgerow, together with a little imagination and artistic licence, takes on a magical quality as it sparkles in the winter sunshine.

Emotions also influence my work. Two years ago, my husband and daughter were diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, they both had successful reconstructive surgery. This highly emotional situation triggered off a trilogy of self mono-printed collages entitled ‘Diagnosis’, ‘Reconstruction’ and ‘Hope’.

I particularly enjoy the challenge of portraiture when the opportunity arises, painted usually in oils, or pastel sketches, directly from life.

Abstraction is of great interest to me which is apparent in the picture ‘Rhythm’. Here the feeling of movement and dance is signified in an abstract way through the use of mixed media – acrylic paint and collage extracted from my own mono-prints.