Martin Pearson

I was born in Liverpool in 1961, and for nearly all of my life I have been making pictures. For thirty years I was also a teacher of art, gaining an MA in Fine Art in 1997. During this time, I maintained my own practice as an artist, exhibiting and selling occasionally. Having left teaching, I’ve devoted myself more fully to painting.

Since the mid-nineties, I have continued to explore a form of lyrical abstraction using personal motifs. My paintings are made in layers, often starting off with thin colour that builds to more opaque layers as the painting proceeds. A variety of mark-making techniques is used to develop textures and patterns. At times, paint may be removed to achieve or enhance a surface quality. The result is that of one dimension viewed through another, or the interaction of different dimensions in a liminal space. In more recent paintings, still-life elements appear, alongside their abstract counterparts. These are included to extend the notion of ‘seeing on the surface or looking beyond’.

My paintings are colourful and decorative and, I’d like to think, optimistic.

Website: martinpearsonfineart
Instagram: martinpearsonfineart