Annie Robinson

The theme of my work in recent years has been the landscape, some are places visited and remembered others are sought out on sketching days in the dales. These provide inspiration and an emotional response to nature and the initial stimulus for starting a painting. I then work in an expressive and exploratory way, which allows the work to progress in different directions depending on developments while painting or printing.

I have always loved ‘the process of working’ whether it be through creating textures before or during painting to build up an image, as in the mixed media paintings or through using more intuitive and direct brush strokes with watercolours or oils and with mono prints. I like explorations and using different media so a painting one day might be done in acrylic impasto and glazes, then the next day in ink and collage. The best part is starting then progress tends to come after a small area starts to work well and ‘feels good and looks right’ providing the promise of exciting prospects. Being a rather emotional painter I need to work according to my mood as well, and most of the time painting is in part an act of faith as I don’t know exactly how it will turn out until I know it’s finished. Some paintings just happen others are stubborn and troublesome and are best turned to the wall for a while, they usually respond better after a rest period anyway! Recently I have found myself becoming more and more interested in working in a more abstract way I don’t know yet where this will take me but I feel excited by the prospect and am optimistic

email: annie.robinson.