Shirley Ross

My work is based on observation of the natural and man-made environment. Each piece begins when something I see, perhaps open landscape or a group of buildings, becomes transformed into a rhythm of line and colour, concentrated, powerful and exciting. I try to capture this in my work in order to share it with the viewer. Weaving is the natural way for me to communicate what I see. Visual rhythms appear as horizontal movement within vertical structure.

My working method is usually to make sketches and/or take photographs on the spot and develop them later on paper in the studio. When the image is refined into its most expressive form, I turn it into a working drawing and begin to weave. Further development will take place during the weaving process depending on the subject matter and method of construction.

All work is hand woven on either a shaft loom or a tapestry frame, using mainly natural fibres.

Email: ShirleyRoss