Geraldine Thompson

I am interested in essences of the changing atmosphere of the landscape.

Drawing and painting out in the countryside I’m recording sensations, emotional and visual responses connecting me to the land and nature itself rather than a topographical record.

In the studio environment, with a combination of sketchbook studies, colour notes, plein-air paintings and/or photographs for reference, I relate to and develop my research by reclaiming experiences. This involves memory, imagination and probably some exaggeration as well in order to emphasize those impacting elements which have invited interest informing contemplation and imagery. Studio work can also be larger or developed in themes/series.

The creative practice involves procedures of applying, removing and modifying layers of paint over time, responding to the interconnectedness of colour transformed by light and the mixing of colours on the painting surface rather than the palette. Responding to nature’s transformations, I also explore materials, mixed media and degrees of unpredictability in which texture pays a significant aspect as I am particularly interested in the processes and outcomes of the actual paint surface as it becomes a compelling vehicle of expression.

Finished work aims to be a combination of representational and expressive painting.

In portraiture my aim is to depict a likeness, a character, a presence within a picture. Regular sittings are ideal with photography providing a valuable reference tool, though not for use alone.

email: geraldine.s.thompson