Linoprint ‘Day out in Whitby’

Reduction Lino block for Day out in Whitby
after inking and printing in 10 stages

I finished this linoprint ‘Day out in Whitby’ in February this year from sketches made in normal times. It was intended for the LFA exhibition to be held at the Stanley and Audrey Burton gallery later this year, inspired by works from the Leeds University Art collection. I chose a lithograph by Anthony Gross showing people enjoying a day out on Herne Bay Pier in 1947 despite it clearly being a cold and windy day. Regaining this freedom must have been wonderful in post war Britain considering how much we’ve missed it after just a few weeks of ‘lockdown’.  It appealed to me as the south east coast including Herne Bay was the destination for holidays at that time for my family living in the London area.  Now in the north of England, Whitby, Scarborough and Filey are favourite seaside places and 70 years on people are still drawn to the coast to enjoy a day out whatever the weather.