Work in progress on a 41cm square canvas, with colours, tools, sketchbook and notes.

Lake Gormire From Whitestonecliff

My artwork usually comes from walking in the landscape. Getting out in the fresh air, in the natural environment has always been really important to me. Being there in all weathers; absorbing and responding to a sense of place, is at the heart of everything I do…Landscapes are full of layers; geological, and historical, industrial and personal- I like the traces of what’s gone before and their complexity. In these weird and disturbing times, I can’t get out and explore as much as usual, so I’m focusing on much more local starting points for now. Working from a mix of material I had in sketchbooks and notes, combined with the colours and textures I’m seeing on my daily walk…. currently I’m developing a series of pieces exploring layers in landscape and in paint, including a group based on Sutton Bank.

With galleries closed and shows cancelled for now, I’m trying to keep in touch by writing a regular monthly newsletter: