CLe Trésor de la Pie and artist

Le Trésor de la Pie (work in progress)

This past month I have been working on finishing paintings ready for exhibition in France during the Autumn. If not cancelled due to the Coronavirus, I have a solo show in the Galerie Bressigny in Angers through the month of September and I also hope to exhibit once more in the Salon d’Automne des Champs Elysees in Paris during October. 

In the UK, I have had a painting (Le Nid de Merle or The Blackbird’s Nest) selected for the Society of Graphic Fine Art annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London at the start of July.  So I am keeping my fingers crossed that galleries will have re-opened their doors by then!

Pictured is one of the works I have been finishing: Le Trésor de la Pie (The Magpie’s Treasure). Its inspiration, motivated by current world events, was our need to nurture and protect that which is truly precious: the fragile and wondrous beating heart of a new future