Concertina sketch book


Concertina sketch book – detail

Concertina Book 

I found the winter lockdown particularly hard, as we could not get out to look at other places to be inspired and stimulated. As a result it was difficult to feel motivated to paint. With the easing of lockdown restrictions and the opening up of self-catering, we took the opportunity to go to the North York Moors. The weather was dry and bright and it was an ideal opportunity to become immersed in the hills and valleys and to start a new concertina sketchbook. I always think that those blank white pages are so exciting, full of the promise of new beginnings and adventures. They could lead to who knows where, or to what paintings that may arise from the drawn line and dab of colour as well as the stack of memories. I look forward to exploring these in the studio and to revisit the landscape through paint and other media.