Catherine Warburton’s response to “Canal Garden” by Judith Cain

I have always admired Judith Cain’s work since I first saw her exhibit in Leeds. So when I came across ” Canal Gardens” it was an easy decision to choose this piece to respond to.

I love the simple abstract shapes of the trees in a line. The variety of textures, scratched surfaces in thickly painted areas and watery blobs making up the background. The bright colours of the flowers in the circular beds look very much like tulips to me, nevertheless the simple blobs of colour could be anything. They certainly stand out! 

I knew I would be able to translate similar textures using my Gelli Plate. This silicon based smooth surface copies every brush mark and line one puts down.

I used acrylics which can be applied thickly or thinly to give the appearance of watercolour.

Printing with a Gelli Plate makes my work look looser than painting directly onto paper.

In this way I aim to capture the fluency of line in Judith’s work.

To view the Judith Cain painting, click on this link :