Inger Huddleston’s response to the Dame Laura Knight intaglio print “Changing”
The challenge of dynamic drawing from music-led disciplines in studio and theatre locations has been a main interest of mine. Friends, other participators at shared dance classes, as well as professionals, have been models in my previous working drawings.
“Laura Knight’s images of women’s bodies, are strong, bold, muscular and defiant, as well as emotional and creative She is particularly well known for her stunning portrayals of women from all walks of life in this way.” [Griselda Pollock]
 I chose the intaglio print by Laura Knight of a dancer, as model, in a dressing Room, entitled “Changing”, from The Special Collection as a work to be expanded upon. My choice of ‘Changed-?‘ as a title may show contrasts and/or or similarities in figure /context to compare atmosphere and figure study, in the then and now eras. This was a welcome opportunity to use both photographic references along with posed models. Accompanying sketchbook work will be available for display.