The Reeds and the Water

Safe Passage, multi layered acrylics on canvas

I’ve spent the beginning of this year working on a new series of abstracted landscapes, which all come from walks in Lockdown. They’re all very local to me and places that I know so well, that I can pretty much recognise every blade of grass!!

The idea behind the work is looking at Water * Light * and Reflections especially in the winter landscape….each work represents a very specific time of day, and particular conditions. I’ve found that having a strong focus on making work rooted in the places I know really well, has been a huge positive and happy distraction during these miserable times!

I also write a monthly newsletter, which is probably as much for me as anyone else, as it is a useful way of reviewing and taking stock of recent work.To read more about the works above and to see more of my process, please follow the link to my Newsletter page: