Farm Above Diggle, oil, 24 x 24 cm

Bales of Hay and Shelley Church, oil, 24x 24 cm

I had hoped to submit these and some other plein-air oils to the LFA annual exhibition at Dean Clough, but will now have to wait for another opportunity. However, this delay is a minor inconvenience considering the circumstances everyone has to cope with. I feel I should be working on paintings of the beleaguered medical and care support staff that are giving their all to keep the nation healthy.

Whilst I was painting the Diggle scene, a lorry drew up and the driver handed out chocolate bars and other goodies. It turned out he was an enthusiastic plein-air painter and was happy to support the cause!

My project of sketches to document the demolition of the local Dobroyd Mill continues. Sadly, there’s now not much left to demolish. I’ll post some updates soon.