Meru, woodblock print

Rhino, 30 woodblocks

My recent ‘Rhino’ project has been broadcast via the Knowsley Safari Park website, in conjunction with Kirkby Gallery Knowsley, if you are interested the links are: 

Monday 1st Feb 10am:

Monday 8th Feb 10am:

Monday 22nd Feb 10am:

Monday 1st March 10am:

One of the prints is now in the Kirkby Gallery collection and is available for loan to schools; they have also made the image into a jigsaw puzzle to accompany the print for the education of young people : ‘Meru’ rhinoceros print 72 x60 cm. (Meru was the name of the rhino I made drawings of at Knowsley safari Park.) Also shown are the 30 woodblocks making up the rhino image before printing.