Roger Gardner’s response to the Patrick Caulfield print : “Picnic Set” (1978)
Some years ago, interested in Caulfield’s work, I made a painting of 60s wallpaper.–
a comment on some paintings being merely wallpaper.
With “Picnic Set”: Caulfield’s fruit bowl was altered to be similar to an image on the kitchen wallpaper.
The central stack of plates becomes a single vertical plate (with echoes of Lichtenstein and Cubism.)
5 wine bottles become 3 life-size ones.
The background is a modified grapevine.
Caulfield’s beam of sunlight becomes an arm – echoing the ancient Egyptian sunbeam symbol and a Jasper Johns ‘quote’.
The scroll is from Masaccio’s “The Virgin and Child with Angels” (National Gallery.) As Masaccio had not signed his name on the scroll (the usual place) my painting cannot be said to be wholly mine – the scroll remains blank, (though I have “relented” and signed below the fruit bowl.)
The spotted glasses arrangement somehow echoes the format of the bottles and the scroll.