Mirror Tiles, work in progress

Mirror Tiles, acrylic, 100×100 cm

Before, during, and after lockdown I’ve been working on my Red and Green Series. My method of working is sequential, in working drawings I run with ideas originally inspired by ancient pattern formulas, which develop into many possibilities that I have then to narrow down in choices for finished work. Often these choices are trialled in Marquette’s first, usually working models with moving parts, these are finished pieces in themselves, which also throw up more ideas. It can get obsessive and mind-boggling! 

The attached images show one of my paintings in progress, then when it was finished. Titled ‘Mirror Tiles’, it is inspired by some large, chunky, hand painted terracotta roof tiles from the Middle East c.800 BC that I found in the Ashmolean museum in Oxford a few years ago. This painting looks quite simple in context when finished, but got incredibly complicated in the workings out of masking and order to paint, to the point that, part way through, I almost gave up on it. Thankfully I persevered, and happily it is now shortlisted for the Cooper Prize 2021 and will be exhibited from 20th. March -12th. June in the Cooper Gallery Barnsley, where hopefully it will be open to the public at some point during its stay there